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Who We Are

Aphelion Development is a custom business application solutions provider located in the Northwest Indiana region Complete end to end application development services across a number of engagement models needed to support the conceptualization, development, deployment, administration, maintenance and enhancement of your business systems

To be able to compete in today's digitial age companies are under increased pressure to be agile in their application development. To meet these challenges custom application development allows a business to address all of the business needs which may not be available with off the shelf SAAS solutions that lock you into steep yearly contracts. Aphelion Development helps companies address these tough challenges by working with them to design and implement robust scalable solutions that will simplify and improve their business

Bringing Your

business data to life

Often data within a company is siloed making it very difficult to access the information efficiently and finding the 'single source' of the truth

  • Databases
  • ERP Data
  • Web Services
  • Legacy Systems
  • File Stores

There are modern solutions that can be implemented to improve business efficiency, reduce data silo bottlenecks, and accelerate decision making

  • Custom Application Design
  • Legacy Application Refactoring
  • Data Consolidation
  • Web Services for your Data
  • Domain Driven Design

Improve Operational Efficiency


What We Do

Web Design

Responsive & Modern

Responsive web applications are designed with the intention that they will look great on all devices, from desktop computers to tablets and everything in-between

Enterpise Application Development

Robust & Scalable

Custom domain driven application development allows a company to address very specific business challenges that off the shelf solutions can't resolve without the steep annual contracts


Improve data retention

Relational databases have become the lifeblood of most organizations. We can help in keeping these data warehouses running efficiently or design and implement completely new schemas

Web Services

Simplify Access to Data

Opening up access to your data internally or externally via API's simplifies the access of data from your various applications and services

Cloud Development

Leverage Development in the Cloud

The benefits of cloud computing have been widely touted – business agility, scalability, efficiencies and cost savings among the top reasons to leverage the immense computing power of cloud providers

Software Development as a Service

Flexibility without Overhead

Do you lack the in-house development resources and don't have the budget to hire a Developer? You can purchase blocks of Development time and use those hours as you see fit. Unlimited Tasks & Projects

How We Work ?

Spending the time to fully understand your vision or the problem at hand is as important as any coding miracles we design

  • Idea

    All it takes is that one "outside of the box" idea to really transform the way you do business. Let's take that idea from concept to reality with a solid design and roadmap to implement

  • Analysis

    The key is to spend the time the fully understand the problem we are trying to solve along with documenting the expected outcomes. Solid analysis provides the foundation for a robust solution

  • Plan

    At Aphelion we practice an agile development method which allows for more rapid development and gives us the ability to pivot quickly should requirements change

  • Build

    We develop robust Open-Source based solutions using the most performant technologies available. No proprietary heavily licensed tools and technologies that dramatically increase your techncial debt

  • Test

    Indepth automated testing provides you with the peace of mind that new updates or features will not break existing functionality

  • Launch

    Whether your hosting the solution in-house or running it in the cloud we will be there every step of the way to launch your application

What do you want?

Refactor our old Application

Not all legacy applications can be retired for one reason or another but often they require extensive up-keep and support not to mention any new features. We at Aphelion can help you bridge that gap until your ready to retire that application or move to another solution.

We need something new and scalable

There is alot of excitement being able to address your business issues with a custom tailored application that solves the problems YOUR busines has, NOT purchasing something off-the-shelf that only solves 60% of your problems. Not being locked into expensive long-term contracts gives you the ability to grow and expand your solution as your business requirements change.

Our data is a mess

Legacy data tends to quickly find itself lodged in many different places across your business which creates unrelated silos of information that confuse and complicate.

We can help map out and streamline the storage and delivery of your data so that can run your business more efficiently.

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The best way to get a project done faster is to start sooner

If you know how to make software, then you can create big things

Aphelion Development is physically located in Northwest Indiana but we welcome projects from all over the world!

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